Electronic Security

Photo of a man installing a security camera.

Electronic Security

From intrusion alarms to fire alarms to access control systems, our team of dedicated professionals are on top of the latest advances in security technology today.  We supply the highest rated components from the most reputable companies in the world.  Rest assured that you will get the best electronic protection possible when you put Force One to work for you.


Remote Video Monitoring

Security Guard viewing video wall.


As a building owner or building manager, we know you strive to stop bad situations before they happen.  In the event a problem does occur, video monitoring can identify the illegal activity and attempt to block it in real time.  But if the bad guys prevail initially, video surveillance footage can help to identify the suspects and bring them to justice.  Remote video cameras are used in interior or exterior locations, and can be customized and integrated with other elements of your electronic security systems. We have the capability of monitoring your building over standard secure network, Internet, and telephone pathways.


Security Systems

Keypad for a security system.


Force One offers a wide selection of high-quality, dependable security systems from reputable manufacturers around the world. Our intrusion alarms and access control systems are designed, installed, and maintained by our veteran team of security specialists. We custom install each system and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the highest possible safety for your personnel and property.


Intrusion Alarms

Police officer making an arrest at night.


Force One intrusion alarms are designed to provide the maximum protection for your employees and assets from unwanted visitors.  We will consult with you to customize an integrated alarm system that can be backed by Force One’s 24-hour a day monitoring.  This will enable an immediate response for dispatching law enforcement when activated.


Whatever the need -- from small, single story buildings to high-rise office buildings to multi-unit residential complexes -- Force One can design the system that is just right for you.  Our systems can also be integrated with pre-existing security system components, such as utilizing your existing access control panels.


Our intrusion alarm systems include:

  • Perimeter sensors on doors and windows
  • Glass Breakage and vibration sensors
  • Interior motion detectors
  • Vault and safe alarm systems
  • Hold-up and panic alarms
  • Video surveillance using covert or plain-view cameras


IP Video Systems

Close up of a modern security camera.


Force One provides IP digital technology featuring HD, megapixel surveillance cameras to capture the ultimate in detail and clarity for easier analysis of criminal activity and to better identify perpetrators. IP cameras broadcast video as a digital stream over an IP network, and produce higher resolution than most analog systems. Our IP systems are infinitely scalable.  We offer a wide range of software and hardware options to help you build a robust video management system that meets your particular needs.


IP cameras can be incorporated into new and existing installations, including:

  • Fixed cameras
  • Mini-dome cameras
  • P-T-Z (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras
  • Vandal proof cameras
  • Mega-pixel camera models


These IP cameras can operate on multiple protocols, including TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and others. This flexibility allows you to utilize existing LANs, WANs, or VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) in order to monitor remote locations without having to install stand-alone video networks.


Analog Systems

Man walking at work under a surveillance camera.


Where expense is a major consideration, Force One also offers reliable and proven Analog Video Technology to safeguard your property, help thwart illegal activities, and protect your people.


GPS Tracking Technology

Blips on a radar monitor.


Force One can provide GPS tracking for a variety of purposes such as affixing to a valuable piece of equipment for tracing if stolen, or to carry on an individual who may have a propensity to get lost on occasion.  Our GPS devices enable you to monitor situations in real time from any web-based computer.


GPS for commercial use:

  • Recover stolen property (vehicles, equipment, or other material assets)
  • Evaluate company vehicle operating information without relying on employee records
  • Track your company’s entire fleet of vehicles at one time.


GPS for personal use:

  • Recover stolen property (vehicles, trailers, boats, RVs, Jet Skis, ATVs, etc.)
  • Track children or elderly relatives
  • Monitor your teen driver or other family members


Access Control Solutions

Biometric fingerprint scanner.


Force One can install state-of-the-art access control panels, either Web based or Server based. Access Control Panels can provide a barrier to entry of uninvited guests and are particularly valuable in apartment complexes, gated communities, condominiums, college dormitories, office buildings, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and virtually all industrial sites.


Our access control technology gives you maximum control over who comes and goes from your community, home, or place of business.  This will keep your authorized personnel secure and unwelcome persons out.  Our products can be reprogrammed immediately in case of a personnel change in your business, or an occupant change in your apartment complex.  This will protect you from the time, expense, and vulnerability gap before locks can be changed and new keys made.


Usage examples:


Simple Access Control: Block access to a terminated employee with a software-based response


Intercom/ Video System: Identify personnel or visitors before granting access to your building with a remote unlocking option, which can be managed on site or from Force One’s 24-hour manned monitoring station.


Card Access: Control employee access and track traffic patterns in multiple locations through the issuance of personalized cards for each individual.


Photo Badges:  A simple solution for identifying employees and can be integrated into the card access system.  Visitor badges, controlled by digitized number, can also be utilized while such individuals are on the premises, and can surrender as they exit.


Lockdown:  In rare instances, an emergency could occur that would require an immediate evacuation and lockdown of your property.  We will work with management to develop contingency action plans with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  Contingency plans could include providing first aid, providing temporary shelter, meeting first responders at the site, and issuing public statements and handling other communications duties.


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