Fire Alarms & Fire Sprinklers

Fire truck on duty and in motion.

Fire Protection

Force One specializes in “life safety” systems that are specifically designed to maximize your protection from personal and material loss.  We do not consider any job too small or too large. We custom design all of our fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems to meet your specific needs.  In addition to designing a custom system for you, we also provide installation, inspections, maintenance, repair service, and monitoring.

Fire Alarms

Control panel for a fire alarm sprinkler system.


When it comes to fire protection, the key is reliability of equipment and monitoring.  Force One has a proven track record in myriad types of commercial buildings from hotels to high-rise office buildings.  We have extensive experience in dealing with local jurisdictions to assure that all codes, including state and federal, are strictly maintained.


Force One can install either a Hard Wired or Wireless Fire Alarm System. Our systems are strategically designed to notify all occupants regardless of location, to evacuate the facility immediately if a fire is detected.  Force One, using our automated UL listed monitoring system, will notify the local fire department of the alarm location and direct them to make an emergency call to your location.


Fire alarm products we offer:


  • Addressable and conventional panels
  • Sprinkler monitoring
  • Analog, Radio, Cellular, and IP Communicators
  • Voice evacuation
  • Manual pull stations
  • Power Supplies
  • Remote annunciation
  • Smoke and heat detectors


Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler system.


Fire Sprinklers are the first defense against a fire. They can often contain and even extinguish a fire in less time than it takes for firefighters to arrive on the scene.  These sprinklers, which can be installed in new or existing structures, are made up of a network of pipes located in walls and ceilings.  The sprinkler heads are normally located at various points in the ceiling to provide coverage for rooms, offices, open spaces, hallways, and stairwells.


Automatic sprinklers are activated once the temperature reaches a certain level.  At that point, a triggering device in the sprinkler head activates and allows for the release of a pre-determined amount of water per square foot, helping to minimize water damage while concentrating the spray on the fire’s source.


Types of sprinkler systems we offer:


  • Wet pipe
  • Dry pipe
  • Standpipes
  • In-rack
  • ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response)
  • Fire pump
  • Deluge
  • Preaction


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