A ONE Stop Shop for Security

Force One’s mission is to make your buildings, employees, visitors, tenants, and assets as safe and secure as possible and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.  Our clients include high-rise office and residential buildings, apartments, condos, townhomes, retail strip malls, industrial buildings of all kinds, hotels, hospitals, medical buildings, and schools.


Force One is unique in that we offer a complete array of security services.  We are truly a one-stop shop!  As a busy senior executive, your time is valuable.  With one call, we can take care of your needs, whether it be a new or upgraded security installation, equipment repair, inspection, or guard services.


All Force One operations executives, managers, guards, private investigators and technicians are licensed and certified in the security business, and have years of experience in their respective specialties.  We are a very stable and growing business with an excellent reputation for fulfilling all of our clients’ needs. Please call us today!

Video monitors at a security desk.

Force One’s specialties include:

Physical Security Services  with highly trained and motivated officers, including licensed armed anTd unarmed guards.  We also offer licensed Private Investigators, vehicle guard patrols in malls or parking areas, and video guard monitoring.


Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Systems, which we sometimes refer to as “Life Safety.”  This includes fire alarm design, installations, service, monitoring, and inspections.  Further, we specialize in fire sprinkler design, installations, service, inspections, and testing.


Electronic Security, which includes intrusion alarms, video surveillance, and access control (electronic, intercom, or biometric) system design and installation.


24-hour Central Station Monitoring  for intrusion alarms, fire alarm systems, access control systems, and surveillance cameras.

Neal Jenkins: 35 Years of Security Experience

Force One protects your business through integrated Security, Fire Alarms & Fire Sprinkler systems.


  • Office Buildings
    Office Building at night with Blue LED Lights.

    Office Buildings

    From a single story to the highest high-rise office building, Force One’s licensed officers are trained to head off problems before they happen, with poise and professionalism.  Our officers can provide lobby, dock, and tenant floor protection wherever needed.

    Atrium of a large shopping mall.

    Retail Shopping Centers
    Public buildings are very vulnerable to many kinds of problems such as robberies and burglaries, shoplifting, fire and smoke damage, accidents and minor mischief. From major malls to small retail strip centers, from elegant restaurants to your favorite fast food store, Force One can provide comprehensive security protection for your employees and your property.

  • Hotels & Motels
    Hotel suite with king size bed.

    Hotels & Motels

    Force One has a proud history of service in the hotel and motel industry, providing complete security protection for some of the most famous brands in the business.  We have installed myriad intrusion alarms, fire alarms, fire sprinkler systems, access control panels, and we continue to protect many of these valuable clients with 24-hour central station monitoring.  One of the best ways to rate one’s service is by the amount of repeat business one gets. We get a tremendous amount of repeat business from some of America’s most well-known hotel and motel chains.

  • Apartments & High-rise Residential Units
    Modern apartment building.

    Apartments & High-rise Residential Units

    Many residents of multi-family facilities feel particularly vulnerable to the threats of home invasion, thefts and burglaries, and fire damage.  This is true with even the most exclusive of facilities.  Property owners and property managers strive to provide the highest level of protection for their tenants and their property.  Force One can take the stress out of security by providing comprehensive protection against all of those threats  with one call – we are truly your one-stop shop for security.

  • Hospitals & Medical Offices
    Hospital operating room.

    Hospitals & Medical Offices

    Medical facilities contain extremely expensive supplies and equipment…but their most valuable asset is their personnel and their patients, many of whom would be very vulnerable if a sudden evacuation became necessary.  Force One can help minimize risk by creating a comprehensive and customized protection plan to meet each medical facility’s individual needs.

  • Banks & Financial Institutions
    Cash transaction at banking window.

    Banks & Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions, by the very nature of their business, require a higher level of protection against unwanted visitors, thefts, property damage, and other mischief.  Force One has a solid track record of working on behalf of some of the biggest names in banking.

  • Schools
    Children working in classroom.


    From pre-schools, to elementary, to intermediate, to high schools and universities, Force One has experience in providing maximum protection to such institutions of learning at all levels.  We have an excellent report card whether it be officer services, intrusion barriers, fire protection, or 24-hour central station monitoring.  We want to take the worry out of your life so the high calling of education can go forth without distraction or threats to students and faculty.

  • Industrial Buildings
    Factory operating at night.

    Industrial Buildings

    From manufacturing plants, to repair shops, to distribution centers large and small, Force One understands the need to keep the engines of commerce running without interruption. We can provide electronic and physical intrusion solutions, fire protection, theft protection, and accident investigations. Call us for a customized security plan for your industrial business today.

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