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Physical Security

Officer Services

Force One adheres to the highest standards when it comes to recruiting and training security officers. We make certain that each applicant we select meets or exceeds every state and federal legal requirement.  After the initial interview, we conduct a comprehensive background check.  Selected candidates are then provided a rigorous training program.  We require each officer to take refresher courses periodically to assure top-notch performance at all times.  Officers licensed to carry a firearm must requalify bi-annually.  Our security guard service program is designed to meet a wide range of needs.  All Force One Security Officers are licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau.

  • Unarmed Guard Services


    Reception Area/ Guard Station Officer

    All Force One Security Officers are licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau.  Our officers are noted for their professional appearance and courteous demeanor, which creates an excellent impression to your employees and visitors.  They are trained to specifically pinpoint potential trouble and they are able to handle situations that require immediate response and effective, lawful action.  Each officer understands the necessity of being alert and attentive at all times while on duty.


    Mobile Patrol:  Courtesy Vehicle Officer

    Large facilities such as business campuses with large parking lots and multi-level garages benefit from engaging a motorized patrol officer to investigate suspicious vehicles, escort unwanted persons off the premises, discourage intruders, and prevent undesirable activity on your property.  Upon request, Force One patrol officers can transport employees to their vehicles, improving the level of personal safety for your employees, thus providing a low-cost, highly valued benefit to them.


    Mobile Patrol: Bicycle or Segway Officer

    Bicycle and Segway patrol officers are effectively utilized in congested areas indoors or outdoors where a motor vehicle would not be possible or effective.  Examples would include retail malls, airport terminals, or outdoor concerts or other similar events.  Force One Bicycle and Segway Patrol Officers are trained to address specific security needs where rapid deployment is critical.


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  • Armed Security Officers


    In today’s world the challenges of protecting life and property have never been greater.  You have seen and read about flash mobs, home-grown terrorism, armed intruders, potential violence, and other security breaches.


    Force One can provide armed security officers who are state licensed and trained to meet virtually any security need.  In addition, they receive ongoing training in weapons use and de-escalation tactics.  A Force One armed guard can give you peace of mind, knowing you have professional protection at your most vulnerable points.


    Private security officer with a concealed handgun.
  • Event Security Officers on Demand


    Force One provides security services for a wide range of special events, tailored to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.  No matter what the venue or event, you can rely on Force One Security Officers to carry out their duties in a professional and courteous manner.  Each officer shall be properly attired, polite, vigilant, and diplomatic.


    We cover:

    • Exhibitions
    • Conferences
    • Corporate events
    • Private functions
    • Outdoor concerts or indoor concerts and other entertainment events
    • Movie filming on location
    • Construction site asset protection


    We offer the following services:

    • Event security planners and coordinators
    • Supervisors
    • Protection officers
    • Guest list monitors and greeters
    • Overnight watch protection
    • Gate attendants
    • Crowd safety officers
    • Vehicle monitors/ Access control
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  • Patrol Services and Alarm Responses


    Force One offers extra protection to your business to reduce threats and criminal activities. Our armed security officers are on call to quickly respond to any emergency.


    We provide:

    • Random patrol checks
    • 24-hour / 7-day service
    • Comprehensive case reports
    • Investigations
    • Ability to offer expert testimony, if requested
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  • Video Monitoring Services


    Force One offers remote video monitoring.  Our trained security officers can review cameras on your property from our secure, remote location in real time to observe and respond to any suspicious activity.  Our dispatchers can also neutralize false alarm responses by providing additional verification if an alarm or panic button has been erroneously activated, so that law enforcement does not make a needless and costly call.


    Remote Video Monitoring Services can benefit you in numerous ways:

    • Deters theft and vandalism
    • Reduces shrinkage by monitoring and recording employee activity
    • Can utilize your existing cameras, access control, and security systems
    • Can reduce the number of officers required on premises
    • Can supplement or enhance your current guard services
    • Increases cost effectiveness as a backup to your equipment
    • Safeguards employees in parking lots and common areas
    • Captures criminal activity on video, which may facilitate arrests and convictions
    • Archives video for evidence in fraudulent claims or other liability-related issues
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  • Investigation Services


    Our veteran team of Investigators have experience in a wide range of cases and have produced proven, accurate results.


    Due Diligence and Background Checks

    Force One offers pre-commitment “due diligence” reports that offer independent evaluation of claims or input from job applicants, suppliers, and other potential business partners.  We can thoroughly verify a party’s background, activities, associations, credit history, and financial status.  We find information that you may not be able to get on your own.  We are able to interpret raw data and present you with a comprehensive investigative report.


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